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The Mausoleum: Chavez Lives

A gentle breeze blows, and the sun is warm. I soak the Caribbean into my skin and bones. Today is my first day out of the conference area and the last in Venezuela. I hop onto the petite car of my attache (from the Ministry of External Relations) and towards Hugo Chavez’s mausoleum at the Cuartel de la Montanas (Barracks of the Mountain).

What Iceland’s Crowdsourcing Constitutional Reform Teaches Us

2009 National Assembly (Source: Foreignpolicy) by Won Jong-il (Korean news, writer) In Korea, dictators and corrupt presidents such as Rhee Synghman, Chun Doo-hwan and Park Geun-hye...

A world without nukes: The UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons

On July 11, 2017, 122 (63 percent) of United Nations member countries ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Thus, the majority of the world’s people called for denuclearization of the world to finally achieve peace and justice. At its adoption, all in the conference hall gave a standing ovation. National delegates and civil society representatives hugged and congratulated each other for the 72-year anti-nuclear campaign begun by the Hibakusha - survivors of the atomic bombs - had born fruit.

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[Report] Workers Become Owners

It is important to identify factors behind workers’ self-management (WSM) companies’ success that can be applied to other cases: empowerment of workers through shared...